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Accelerate your business outcomes with Lantech, discover how Lantech can transform your business through Managed IT Support, Azure Cloud and Cyber Security

How can your company benefit from managed IT services? a closer look

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How much should a business spend on IT

In Europe the average IT budget spend is between 2.1% and 4.5% as a percentage of total revenue, at least this is what the figures in a 2021 benchmarking report found. This covers..

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Outsourcing IT Support

For most small and medium-sized businesses, an in-house IT department is simply too expensive, inefficient, and surprisingly, can pose an unnecessary risk to the organisation...

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Cyber Security in 2023 and what your business needs to do.

We believe cyber crime is going to rise again this year, to levels not seen before, so how can you protect the business? The state of the Cyber Security problem Often the analogy..

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Changes to Microsoft 365 licensing in 2022

There are 2 main changes to Microsoft licensing coming in March 2022 for commercial customers that business owners need to be aware of: The purchase price for certain Microsoft..

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10 Reasons you need to switch IT Support Provider

Switching IT providers can be a daunting prospect, in fact, many businesses put up with poor service as they feel the move would be disruptive. In reality and from our experience..

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Why is an IT Strategy Important?

WHat is an IT Strategy? An IT Strategy is a plan of action designed to outline how Information Technology is used to support long-term business outcomes. A well defined, planned..

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