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Reduce cost, increase value, become more effective 

Don't let ineffective systems eat your budget.


How are you measuring cost vs value?

Unnecessary Cost

How many licenses, tools or systems are not being fully utilised, are unused or are overlapping with other solutions you also pay for? The unnecessary expenditure could be throttling your business and holding back growth.

Smart Choices

The wrong applications, tools and systems will incur significant costs and waste trying to shoehorn them into the business. Ultimately, this process will distract from the core business objectives producing inefficiencies that will consume a significant % of the budget, and lost productivity. 

Manual Processes 

Every business has processes, but just how many are manual that could be automated? Spending time on repeatable manual processes that are fit for automation are contributing to unnecessary costs and expenditure.


Your office is on Fire. What do you do?

When fires occur, they can have drastic consequences on your business. When it happened to one of Lantech's valued clients, we stepped in, showing our true value as a partner.


Turnover, in excess


How to make your remote working strategy a success

Pay for only what you use

We monitor license usage and trigger alerts for unused Microsoft 365 licenses so these can be retired and then later enabled if required. Azure cloud services scale to your demand, so the lower the demand, the lower the price.

Our Knowledge

Our team can spot inefficient or legacy systems and licenses that can be replaced with one single product consolidating cost while improving value. Our team will guide you through identifying opportunities to reduce cost and increase value. We seek out value such as better features, functionality and end user training.

Bespoke Solutions

As the saying goes, one size does not fit all, and so we tailor our services to our clients' needs which is why it's critical for us to understand your business. For example, if there is an application that prevents you from moving fully to the cloud, we offer full support for on-premise and hybrid solutions.

Moving IT Support provider is easy with Lantech

Moving is daunting but it doesn't have to be, we have a tried and tested process that we're continually improving based on client feedback.

We have strived to make it a white glove process so we do all the heavy lifting for you. Key to our success is end-user training, we host webinars and on-site sessions to take you through how to engage with our team and make us your IT department.


The benefits of remote working to your business

Cost Containment 

Clarity and visibility of where your IT budget is being spent and the tangible value your business is receiving.

Improve Availability

Reduction of downtime from your systems being offline, unreliable or difficult to use. Direct impact on employee productivity.

Get more from what you have

Fully utilising the existing systems and tools you have will significantly improve your efficiency and reduce the need to go shopping.

Recent Feedback

Common Questions

Some of the most common questions asked, if there is something you would like to ask please call us on + 353 1 4760030

Will switching off-licenses break our systems?

Leaving unused licenses active only benefits the software company. We will help you identify if the systems and tools are being used, minimising any risk.

We don't know how to use some of the systems in Microsoft 365

That's no problem, we'll show you how.

How much cost can you cut?

Depends on the business and the systems in use but we typically see a 20% or more reduction in baseline costs.

How long does the process take?

We work with our clients on a continual basis so the process never stops.

Can you help with large ERP systems?

ERP systems are not our speciality, however, we're happy to recommend some specialist consultants that live in this world.

Tell us more about your business

We'd love to hear more about your business and we'd be delighted to offer you a free IT productivity assessment. 



Cyber Essentials

Lantech are Cyber Essentials certified, we believe standards and certification are a business requirement in todays online world. We'd be happy to take you through the process 


Lantech is a proud member of Cyber Ireland, bringing together Industry, Academia and Government to represent the needs of the Cyber Security Ecosystem in Ireland 

WE Partner Pledge Badge_transparent

Lantech is committed to diversity and sustainability, providing opportunities and developing skills. We are delighted to strengthen our decade long partnership with Microsoft in a shared goal to help address broader societal challenges