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Your Business Needs Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Lantech Oct 27, 2023 11:42:56 AM

The word “need” that we used in this post’s title isn’t overkill. We believe that Microsoft 365 Business Premium is essential for all businesses. It has features not found in the standard package which are designed to enhance productivity and boost cybersecurity. The Premium solution isn’t an expense. It’s an investment.

Advanced Security Features

Cyber threats are on the rise. Between late 2021 and mid-2022, Microsoft blocked a staggering number of email and identity threats.

Business Premium addresses these risks head-on, offering protection for businesses which deal with sensitive customer data and have fully or partly remote workforces. Features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) with conditional access make it much harder for unauthorised users to access your systems.

Unlike the Business Standard option, Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes the following:

  • Intune which focuses on mobile device and application management, ensuring the secure usage of business applications on mobile devices.
  • Azure Information Protection which enables secure data sharing with encryption and restricted access.
  • Advanced Threat Protection which offers robust protection against malware, viruses and spyware.

‌The BYOD Challenge

With the increasing trend of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), endpoint security has become more critical. Business Premium applies mobile application management policies to all your essential Microsoft apps – Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook – whatever device is used. This conditional access ensures data can only be accessed through secure applications.

The Benefits of Upgrading

Upgrading to Business Premium allows for more granular control over security settings. You can tailor security protocols to fit your unique needs, boosting cybersecurity posture and client trust. What’s more, because Business Premium’s services are integrated, you can implement a holistic and comprehensive security strategy across your operation.

Compliance and Industry Standards

Using Business Premium can help you comply with GDPR. It also aligns well with the CIS Critical Security Controls framework, a set of best practices that strengthen an organisation’s cybersecurity defences. For example, MFA with conditional access ticks multiple boxes within CIS Control 6.

The Modern Digital Business

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is far more than an upgrade. It has advanced security features, handles the challenge of device proliferation and aids regulatory compliance. It’s a necessity for any business concerned with security and productivity.

Furthermore, the robust cybersecurity position Business Premium delivers is something that clients and stakeholders expect from a responsible, trustworthy organisation. If you don’t have its protection, your security, reputation and business are all jeopardised.

Why take the risk?