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Scale and Grow your Business through Technology Innovation.



What's holding your Business back?

Cost Control

Making the right decision to enable the modern workplace can represent a significant investment but how do you know the proposed step is the right one? With productivity output being critical to efficiency and growth, high employment costs and a lack of IT skill make it less practical to compete with tech firms to attract in-house talent. Inefficient tolls and systems are impacting your staff's ability to get their work done.

Your Employees are Distributed

We're used to having everyone in the office, however, we now face the prospect of long-term remote and flexible working so getting everyone together for Townhalls or communicating new internal business goals and strategies can be a real challenge. Doing so efficiently is very difficult if the right technology platform is not in place or is misconfigured.  Having to support the modern employee has become more costly and incurs new logistic challenges.

Knowledge Gap

With businesses relying on new technology and working practices there has been an exposure of a significant skills gap. Forced to learn on the go and find their way to use rapidly evolving tools, some employees are not being productive. When team members come together to collaborate and contribute to projects, often frustration ensues either with miscommunication or technical issues. All of this contributes to lost time and ultimately lost revenue. 


Your office is on Fire. What do you do?

When fires occur, they can have drastic consequences on your business. When it happened to one of Lantech's valued clients, we stepped in, showing our true value as a partner.


Turnover, in excess


How can technology assist your business growth?


Deploying or even reconfiguring existing technology can have a dramatic impact on your business. Deploying new features designed to bring people together in a productive and inclusive environment is key to unlocking your employees potential. Layering in reliability always-on systems to work around your employees' home/work balance can significantly boost morale and positively impact your culture. 


Businesses change quickly in today's world. The idea of fixing a technology solution for 5 - 10 years is simply not practical anymore.  Deploying Hybrid or migrating to a full cloud platform allows the business to grow and contract in near real-time with minimal impact to the overheads. Aligning the technology roadmap to the business goals and desired outcomes will enable growth and new opportunities not available to others.

Work with Experts

The people you spend time with can determine who you are and your views, so why use vendors that are simply interested in fixing one thing and waiting for the next to break. Your vendors and suppliers should support your business fully, contribute to your goals and share in your successes. Lantech operates as a true partner for your business, with our certified technology experts helping you each step of the way as the business embarks on new challenges and growth. 

Moving IT Support provider is easy with Lantech

Moving is daunting but it doesn't have to be, we have a tried and tested process that we're continually improving based on client feedback.

We have strived to make it a white glove process so we do all the heavy lifting for you. Key to our success is end-user training, we host webinars and on-site sessions to take you through how to engage with our team and make us your IT department.


What benefits does growth bring? 

New Opportunities and Markets 

With growth and scale comes access to new markets and opportunities that smaller less efficient businesses are unable to access.


Streamlining practices and technology across the business can bring a significant reduction in overheads. Improving productivity % can lead not only to business success but personal growth.

Thought Leaders

Having a great reputation will attract and retain the best talent in the industry and the business will be perceived as a thought leader, recognised for its success.

Recent Feedback

Tell us more about your business

We'd love to hear more about your business and we'd be delighted to offer you a free IT productivity assessment. 



Cyber Essentials

Lantech are Cyber Essentials certified, we believe standards and certification are a business requirement in todays online world. We'd be happy to take you through the process 


Lantech is a proud member of Cyber Ireland, bringing together Industry, Academia and Government to represent the needs of the Cyber Security Ecosystem in Ireland 

WE Partner Pledge Badge_transparent

Lantech is committed to diversity and sustainability, providing opportunities and developing skills. We are delighted to strengthen our decade long partnership with Microsoft in a shared goal to help address broader societal challenges