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Fully Managed IT Support or Break-Fix? What is Best for Your Business?

Lantech Mar 11, 2022 8:33:07 PM
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Constantly dealing with IT problems is a frustrating experience that makes it difficult for businesses to remain productive. These technical problems can often occur at the worst times, such as trying to meet a fast-approaching deadline. Luckily, working with an IT Company is a great way to overcome these issues while saving your team a lot of stress. However, one of the main challenges is deciding between using either a break-fix model for IT support or a managed services provider.

Learning about the differences between both of these services is key in helping you determine which is the best service to meet the needs of your business. Here at Lantech, we work with many fast-growing companies transitioning from a break-fix model to managed IT services. Of course, some businesses do great with a break-fix arrangement, and they don't feel like making any changes to the status quo.

Our company understands the importance of IT support in the workplace, we've created a list to help you compare the difference between using a break-fix model compared to managed IT services. Both of these models offer a much different way to handle technical problems in the workplace. Finding out more information about these services can help you determine the best choice for your business.

What is the Break-Fix Model?

The break-fix model focuses on taking care of IT issues once a problem arises. In other words, break-fix companies specialise in fixing technical issues as they appear to help your business continue operations. For example, you can reach out to these IT technicians if you are having any problems with your network. A break-fix model will focus on solving these network issues for you while charging a fee for this service. An IT provider will perform these repairs after you reach out to them and depending on their availability. These services may also include the installation of computer systems, software upgrades, and technical support.

Managed IT Service Provider Model

The managed services model is all about finding ways to limit problems before they appear in the workplace. This proactive approach is the opposite of a break-fix model, as these IT professionals will handle real-time maintenance while also making sure your business is operating at an optimal level. Managed IT services offers a wide range of benefits, such as improving cybersecurity, limiting downtime, and boosting the productivity of your employees. Around the clock network monitoring, patch management, and employee training are just a few of the many features of working with managed services providers.

Which IT Model is Best for Your Organisation?

Each one of these business models provides a different level of service. The break-fix model is all about fixing problems while managed services work towards preventing these issues from happening. You can take a deeper look at both of these options to see which service best works for your business.

Types of Businesses That Use Break-Fix Providers

  • Not too reliant on using technology
  • IT issues that occur don't make a big impact on business operations
  • Simple IT needs (emails, printing, etc.)
  • Limited funds for technology

One reason to use break-fix providers is if you only require your team to browse websites or check emails. These simple activities don't require much preventative maintenance, as using this model is beneficial for companies that don't rely too heavily on technology. On the other hand, working with a managed IT service provider is a better solution if you are constantly using technology to perform key business functions.

Types of Businesses that Use Managed IT Service Providers (MSP) 

  • Focus on minimising manual IT-related tasks
  • Prioritises investing in new technology
  • Reliant on technology for providing numerous services and products
  • Technology-driven to boost employee productivity
  • Proactive approach towards preventing cybersecurity incidents

Many small companies often begin to feel overwhelmed with managing the technology side of their business. Not keeping their IT infrastructure up to date, not training employees, or creating data backups can lead to a wide range of issues. Choosing a managed services provider is a proactive way to take care of these problems. Managed service providers allow your team to focus on their core job duties without worrying about the technical aspects of the business.


Do Businesses with an IT Department Need Managed IT Services?

Companies with an in-house IT department may still be undecided on the benefits of working with a break-fix or managed service provider. However, using co-managed IT support is a great option if you are dealing with staff shortages, new projects, insufficient technology, or a lack of resources. Co-managed IT services will work with your IT staff in helping you take advantage of the latest tech while also monitoring all of your equipment to ensure it continues to operate smoothly without any problems.

Trying to Choose Between an MSP and a Break-Fix Provider?

Before you make a commitment to any of these services, it's a good idea to remember these critical points:

• Break-fix IT companies focus on fixing a technical issue while a managed IT service provider specialises in preventing these problems.

• Both of these IT service models can benefit businesses, as it all depends on the needs of your company.

• Break-fix IT companies cost less money upfront, while a managed IT service provider is a long-term investment.

Why Your Business Needs Managed IT Services?

Choosing a partnership with a managed IT service provider is the preferred option for most modern businesses. Technology will only continue to play an increasingly critical role in the workplace, having a managed IT services partner focused on maintaining your business operations while limiting downtime and providing cybersecurity protection is essential.

A properly managed IT ecosystem helps to boost productivity, reduce costs, and enables your business to reach its utmost potential.

Reach out to Lantech to learn more about the many benefits of using managed IT services!

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