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IT Security for Business


Our Managed IT Security services shine a light on what is happening on the corporate network. We understand that for business it can be a daunting task to define and deploy an effective layered security strategy.

We at Lantech specialise in providing businesses not only with threat management and IT security services to reduce their attack surface but also data protection and availability, so should the worst happen the business critical data and functions are protected.

Unfortunately in today’s world a single layer of IT security is not good enough, many businesses rely on a single Firewall to protect their business however many breaches now originate inside the network.


Companies are faced with an ever increasing number of security threats:

  • External attacks on the network

  • Attacks on Application servers, hosted on Private or Public cloud

  • Internal attacks from a compromised computer located on the internal network

  • Virus attacks where users are “tricked” into releasing sensitive information

  • Ransomware silently encrypting commercial and private data on computers and servers


In order to combat and minimise these ever increasing and changing threats, companies must now focus, not only on protecting the IT eco-system but also the business operation with Data Protection, Availability and DR strategies

We in Lantech take a 360 degree approach and we achieve this by working with our clients to:

  • Identify risks in the current IT environment
  • Present a unified strategy for business protection
  • Work collaboratively to integrate security and business availability solutions
  • Continually monitor and reassess security effectivenes
  •  Manage
  • Protect 
  • Monitor

Our IT Security Services are delivered either fully outsourced or on a consultative led engagement depending on what our client’s requirements are.

  • Perimeter protection

  • Firewall as a Service FWaaS

    • Configuration management, threat management, reporting (senior executive reporting)

  • Endpoint security management

    • Computers, Laptops, Mobile devices

  • Remote worker IT protection and security

    • Secure remote access and device management

  • Network Security

  • Active Directory Security review

  • Data and Server replication and off site availability

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service ( DRaaS )

  • Office 365 email backup

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