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Your very own in-house IT Team

Spend less time micro-managing your tech, and more time steering your business to success.


Enable the Modern workplace

Attract talent and empower your team to work from anywhere in a secure and productive environment with the tools they desire.

More cost efficient

Flexible services and agreements so you don't need to hire, train and retain in-house IT staff and knowledge.

Let IT drive your Business

Aligning your IT to your strategic business outcomes will enable you to be more competitive and agile in a changing economy.

Secure your Team

Integrated Cyber Security to align you with international compliance standards, we'll help you get certified.

Focus on you

Let us manage the day to day so you can focus on growing the business while being fully confident in the IT eco-system.

Consolidate IT Systems 

Consolidate legacy and inefficient tools and subscriptions with a single support agreement that includes the essential tools and cyber security features.  

Your office is on Fire. What do you do?

When fires occur, they can have drastic consequences on your business. When it happened to one of Lantech's valued clients, we stepped in, showing our true value as a partner.



Turnover, in excess

Benefits of Managed IT Support

We're a strategic Managed Service Provider committed to your business, delivering peace of mind. No more worrying if Backups have run, or what you would do if there was a fire, we have been there.

Strategic IT Planning

Technology aligned to your business goals to drive growth and help you achieve desired business outcomes. Read our blog on IT Strategy

Superior Client Support

Expert, in-house experience across multiple operating systems, software, hardware and devices all wrapped up in superior client service.

No more Ping Pong

We'll deal with your internet provider, and software providers if there is an issue outside of our control, your problems are our problems.

Your very own IT Department 

An entire team of technology experts on hand to assist you when required, far more affordable than hiring a specialist IT team! 

While you were sleeping reports

Regular reports and analytics provide accurate insight into your managed IT’s performance and productivity.

Improved Productivity

By using the right tools and technology that's configured correctly, your staff will be more productive. Our job is to guide you by offering our managed IT supports.

Security and Policies

Deployment of proactive cyber security tools, guidance and support in security policies to safeguard your users, accounts and devices.

More Time

Let us manage IT details so you have more time to spend being productive or on the golf course! You can manage the cost and strategic vision.

From Our Blog

Recent Feedback

Features Of Managed IT Support

Everything your business needs to ensure your IT ecosystem is being managed, your staff are productive and your data is secure from cyber attacks. IT Support & Managed Services tailored to your business needs.

Remote and On-Site Support

While 90% of tickets are resolved remotely, far faster than sending an engineer on-site, there are occasions that site visits are required. We have you covered.

24/7 infrastructure management & monitoring

We're monitoring and proactively resolving any issues on your critical server infrastructure while you're sleeping. 

Innovative IT Support App and Client Portal

Our innovative App is available, enabling all of your staff to log support tickets and review open and closed tickets. With this, and our Client Portal you have a vast array of self-service options from new user requests to procurement to approval processes. All included.

Updates & patch management

Patching is a challenge but it's essential to ensure you remain secure from vulnerabilities, and in alignment with compliance standards and insurance. We'll protect you and include it in your monthly reports.

Intelligent Ransomware protection 

Antivirus is simply not enough. We have layered in proactive threat hunting with intelligent ransomware protection as standard. Security is not a bolt on.

Asset and Licensing Management

Do you have a live up to date asset inventory? You should have, and with our service you will have it every month or on demand.

Monthly Reporting, see what we see

Transparency and clarity are key to building trust and confidence so we put them front and centre. You see what we see so you can hold us accountable.

Regular Business Reviews

We meet regularly to help simplify your digital roadmap with clear plans and measurable goals.

Proactive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to reducing surprise issues and events. Simple recurring tasks and checks help us identify potential issues before they impact your business.

Integrated Security

You can't separate IT Support and Cyber Security. IT Security must be embedded into the systems and service delivery. It's a requirement for GDPR and similar standards, so why do one without the other?

Moving IT Support provider is easy with Lantech

Moving is daunting but it doesn't have to be, we have a tried and tested on boarding process that we're continually improving based on client feedback.

We have strived to make it a white glove process so we do all the heavy lifting for you. Key to our success is end-user training, we host webinars and on-site sessions to take you through how to engage with our team and make us your IT department.

Common Questions

Some of the most common questions asked, if there is something you would like to ask please call us on + 353 1 4760030

What is covered under a Managed IT Support Agreement?

As a rule of thumb, our Managed Business IT Support agreements cover everything your existing IT environment (on-premise or in the cloud) needs to remain in perfect shape.

What are the standard Helpdesk Hours?

Helpdesk Support via our Service desk is available for technical support from 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday, and we include Public Holidays* to ensure you have cover when you need it.

Can I have scheduled regular IT engineer onsite visits?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage every client of ours to have regular visits. Most IT issues affecting productivity go ignored until the IT person “walks past”.

How is pricing managed?

As most of our pricing is based on a per user or device basis, we work out each quarter whether there are more or less staff/devices and modify the support agreement accordingly.

Can I take items out of the bundled list of cover?

We're fanatical about keeping your business protected from fraud and intrusion. We have packaged together what we believe are the basic requirements to securing and managing a modern IT eco-system.

Are Projects covered in a Managed IT Services Agreement?

Unfortunately, we can’t cover Project work under your Technical Support Agreement. These are quoted separately to your ongoing monthly Agreement.

Is After Hours IT Support Available?

Simple; if you require 24/7 Emergency IT support, we can extend the cover as an optional extra. Just ask.

What technologies do you support?

We have in-house experience and certification with lots of different technologies and vendors (Microsoft, Apple, Google, and much more). Book a meeting to find out more. 

Is the Cloud useful for my business?

Our approach is Cloud First as we see first hand the positive impact to our clients businesses that the increased flexibility and improved productivity the cloud brings. However for some businesses the best approach especially in the short term, is a “Hybrid” use of Cloud technologies mixing the best of onsite and offsite infrastructure.

Do you have standard forms (policies) we can use?

Absolutely, we have a vast array of acceptable use policies for Computers, Email, Social Media in addition to Privacy Policies and other forms such as new user/leaver forms. We actively encourage you to use these to protect your business.

Do you enforce a minimum set of standards?

Yes, for example we enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Microsoft 365 as standard. We’ll deploy and manage the adoption so your users are on-boarded and secure.

What are Managed Services Providers?

Managed Service Providers are specialist partners that provide management of your IT eco-system, for example, IT Support, Cloud Services, Network Infrastructure, Cyber Security,  Server Infrastructure etc. Also known as an IT Support Company. Read more


The basics to help get you started with Managed Services 

  • Remote Support via our Helpdesk
  • IT Asset Management
  • Critical Security Features
  • Vendor Management
  • Critical IT Policy enforcement



The complete hands on fully Managed Service package with integrated Security, 24/7 Monitoring and on-site support when required

Everything in the Starter package and much much more 

  • On-Site Support
  • Regular Business reviews
  • Innovative IT Support App with Client Portal
  • 24/7 infrastructure management & monitoring
  • Out of hours Security patching
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Intelligent Ransomware protection 
  • Email Security Filtering
  • Layered Antivirus Protection
  • External Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Enforced Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Done for you, IT Security Policies
  • Monthly Transparent Reporting

Enhanced Security


For Clients that require additional security and wish to align to International Cyber Security standards for certification

Everything in our Complete Service, plus: 

  • Advanced Security Awareness Training
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks and testing
  • Centralised email Signature management
  • Email, Teams, SharePoint & OneDrive Backup
  • Cyber Essentials Review

Tell us more about your business

We'd love to hear more about your business and we'd be delighted to offer you a free IT productivity assessment. 



Cyber Essentials

Lantech are Cyber Essentials certified, we believe standards and certification are a business requirement in todays online world. We'd be happy to take you through the process 


Lantech is a proud member of Cyber Ireland, bringing together Industry, Academia and Government to represent the needs of the Cyber Security Ecosystem in Ireland 

WE Partner Pledge Badge_transparent

Lantech is committed to diversity and sustainability, providing opportunities and developing skills. We are delighted to strengthen our decade long partnership with Microsoft in a shared goal to help address broader societal challenges