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Keeping your staff and business secure. 



How is a seemingly complex on-premise IT system impacting your business?

Cyber Crime is everywhere

With an increase of over 150% in 2021 in cyber dependant crime, we're seeing an ever more complex and relentless attack on businesses irrespective of size, industry or location. The cybercriminals are not hiding away in a basement, rather they treat it as a job with offices in high rise buildings with managers, HR and payroll departments. The level of sophistication cybercrime attacks has risen and they have the resources to see whether your business has the appropriate defences. When was the last time you updated your incident response plan?

Securing the Remote worker

With staff working from home, they exist outside of the traditional cyber security defenses such as firewalls and policy enforcement. It's not uncommon to see family members using a corporate laptop for work or play. These very devices are now being targeted, as they are perceived as being vulnerable and provide an excellent gateway to breach the corporate network. Most companies rushed to provide remote working solutions for employees but failed to put the necessary cyber security controls in place exposing the business to serious risks that must be closed.

Compliance Requirements 

The last decade has brought new requirements for businesses storing and processing information on clients and customers, never mind protecting intellectual property. The impact to a business' reputation could be significant if a breach in cyber security was to occur. Not being aligned to regulations such as GDPR or PCI exposes the business to costly remediation and potential insurance issues. Aligning to industry standards such as Cyber Essentials can be a great start in elevating the requirement to adopt a security first approach to data.


Your office is on Fire. What do you do?

When fires occur, they can have drastic consequences on your business. When it happened to one of Lantech's valued clients, we stepped in, showing our true value as a partner.


Turnover, in excess


How to improve employee collaboration?

Align to International Standards

Aligning the business to cyber security standards brings awareness to the responsibilities and requirements to protect the company from harm. Starting your journey with Cyber Essentials then transitioning to IASMI and then ISO can be a path that enhances your security and business. Adopting a Cyber Security framework such as the one from NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) greatly enhances your business cyber defences.

Secure the Endpoint

When everyone was in the office we could secure the business at the perimeter much like your front door locks. Today your business is dispersed, your staff are working from networks and locations that your business can't secure. This has changed the focus away from the perimeter and onto the endpoint (Laptop / Computer). Securing the endpoint with cyber security threat detection and network isolation are a must. An alternative is to simply provide Azure Virtual Desktops and have users connect from any device they have, while being fully secure.

Educate your People 

Too often businesses put the full trust of cyber security threat detection and mitigation on technology. We have seen that many cyber attacks on businesses are directed at the users, not the equipment. Having a workforce, educated in cyber security threats, is one of the single most effective protection measures from cybercrime. Integrating a continual training program for your staff can reduce the threat of cybercrime by over 50%. The training can be driven by HR on an existing training platform or it can be delivered as a 'done for you' service.

Moving IT Support provider is easy with Lantech

Moving is daunting but it doesn't have to be, we have a tried and tested process that we're continually improving based on client feedback.

We have strived to make it a white glove process so we do all the heavy lifting for you. Key to our success is end-user training, we host webinars and on-site sessions to take you through how to engage with our team and make us your IT department.


The benefits of highly productive teams.

Peace of Mind

Focus on the business rather than worrying about cyber security and whether the necessary controls are in place.

More Opportunities

Being certified or aligned to cyber security standards brings confidence to your clients and customers with many tenders asking for some level of certification.

Keep your staff safe

Your staff will be safe in the knowledge that their data is secure from cybercrime. The knock-on with education is they become more cyber aware at home, further protecting the business.

No Distractions

Remove the impact of the distraction of having to deal with an investigation from the data protection agency. 


Demonstrate your compliance to cyber security and data protection standards to instill confidence in the business.

Protect your Business

Protect the business from cyber security threats due to exposure of risk. Preserve the company reputation.

Common Questions

Some of the most common questions asked, if there is something you would like to ask please call us on + 353 1 4760030

We don't have a HR team to train staff

No, not all at once, the first exercise is to understand how your business operates and how modern technology can have a direct impact to your business growth

We have really complex IT, we can't possibly take this on?

You'd be surprised by how many unnecessary layers exist in your eco-system from decisions that were made years ago that have no value in today's world. A review of what you have may result in a transition that's far easier than you think.

We have Disaster Recovery Systems and plans so we're ok?

How much time and money are you spending on those systems that could easily be outsourced and managed for you or embedded into a cloud solution? what would you do with the savings?

We have an existing IT provider that says the cloud is not ready yet

What that typically means is, the IT provider is not ready and is potentially holding your business back. Is that what you want?

It's going to cost too much to change?

If you don't know exactly the inventment required you cant plan, simply understanding what it would look like allows you plan and budget for the transition over a timeline that suits your business, Rome wasn't built in a day! 

Recent Feedback

Tell us more about your business

We'd love to hear more about your business and we'd be delighted to offer you a free IT productivity assessment. 



Cyber Essentials

Lantech are Cyber Essentials certified, we believe standards and certification are a business requirement in todays online world. We'd be happy to take you through the process 


Lantech is a proud member of Cyber Ireland, bringing together Industry, Academia and Government to represent the needs of the Cyber Security Ecosystem in Ireland 

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Lantech is committed to diversity and sustainability, providing opportunities and developing skills. We are delighted to strengthen our decade long partnership with Microsoft in a shared goal to help address broader societal challenges