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Choosing an IT Service Provider - A Guide to getting it right

Lantech Mar 11, 2022 9:03:30 PM
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Finding an IT Support provider for your small to mid-size business is a big decision. However, searching through an almost endless amount of options can often feel overwhelming while also taking up a lot of time. Here at Lantech, we understand the importance of providing professional managed IT services, as we have years of experience partnering with clients from a variety of industries.

Key traits to look for in an IT Support Company

  1. Experience in Your Industry

  2. Strategy and Planning 

  3. Proactive IT Maintenance

  4. Reliable IT Support 

  5. Reputation

  6. Culture of the Company 

  7. Innovation and Adaptability 

  8. Onsite Support and Help Desk Services

  9. Cyber Security Provided as Standard

Here is a quick look at why these factors are critical in helping you choose a Managed services provider.

Experience in Your Industry 

One of the main factors in choosing a managed service provider is learning about their experience in your industry. You can often check out customer reviews or look at their website to get a better idea of the client base for an IT service provider. Partnering with a managed IT services provider with years of experience in your industry is a great way to avoid a lot of headaches while making the transition process as smooth as possible.

Strategy and Planning 

Not all managed service providers offer the same level of strategy and long-term planning. However, a good IT service provider will work with your business in creating a unique strategy to best match your needs. For example, an IT company can help you reach your short and long-term goals, with targeted investment in new technology or using cloud services for remote employees. An IT service provider will also include transparent pricing to ensure you don't have to worry about any hidden expenses!

Proactive IT Maintenance

You shouldn't be experiencing or be accepting constant issues or even downtime in the workplace. Quality IT support isn't limited to only solving an immediate problem, as a good IT service provider will proactively monitor your network and computer system to identify any issues before they lead to significant problems. Proactive IT maintenance helps your employees remain productive while also creating a much less stressful work environment.

Reliable IT Support 

Finding a reliable IT partner is essential to remedy issues as soon as they arise and often before they impact the business. When choosing an IT support partner you should enquire about their service response and don't be afraid to ask for a report on response times. A professional managed services provider won't mind showing you their KPI's. Anyone can tell you how good they are, however the best place to gauge just how good the provider's service really is is their current clients. don't forget to ask for references. Partnering with an IT service provider that offers around the clock monitoring and extended support such as on bank holidays can help your business remain available anytime you're working.


Hiring the wrong IT service provider for your company can lead to disastrous results. Checking out references from their current clients is key to avoiding such a dire situation. Reaching out to these clients can help you determine if an IT service provider is a great fit or if you need to look at other options. Reading online reviews about an IT support company is also an excellent way to gain a better understanding of a company. These reviews can provide you with much greater insight into their reputation in the IT industry.

Culture of Company

Finding out about the culture of an IT company is critical. You will often work closely with their IT team, as it's important to ensure it's a smooth fit with your business. You can learn about their culture in different ways, such as reaching out to an IT service provider to meet with their team members. Employees from a managed service provider that are nice and helpful is always a great sign. On the other hand, it's usually best to look elsewhere if they come across as arrogant or condescending.

Innovation and Adaptability

Staying innovative in the world of technology is key to success. An IT service provider needs to stay up to date with the most cutting edge technology to best meet your needs. Access to the latest tech can give you an advantage over your competitors while even making the jobs of your employees much easier. Learning about the adaptability of a managed service provider and how they are consistently improving is key to any long-term partnership.

Onsite Support and Help Desk Services

Sometimes tech issues can't be resolved remotely. Serious problems can derail even the most productive employees and lead to a lot of stress. You may need an IT tech to review your infrastructure or check your systems onsite. Working with an IT provider that offers onsite support and help desk service allows you to experience the best of both worlds while keeping downtime to a bare minimum.

Is Cyber Security Provided as a Standard?

Cyber threats can derail even the most successful businesses. Trying to recover from hours of downtime isn't easy, and it can result in substantial costs. A data breach can also destroy trust with your clients. Learning how an IT service provider focuses on cyber security is a necessity. Patch management, employee training, network monitoring, multi-factor authentication, and access to the best technology are just a few of the many key factors to providing top-quality cyber security services.

Have I Chosen the Right IT Partner?

Spending time with managed IT service provider is always wise before you make any decisions. An IT provider that knows your unique challenges and is willing to work towards all of your goals is essential to a successful partnership. Here at Lantech, we understand the importance of catering to your unique needs, whether it's implementing a brand new system or taking care of maintenance issues. Your goals will be our goals, as we will always go the extra mile in helping your business succeed!

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