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Learning Resources with Lantech: Managed IT Support

Essential Qualities of a Managed IT Service Provider That Are Often Overlooked

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Developing an effective cyber security awareness training program

In one of the more recent and convincing phishing scams, attackers send authentic-looking emails that very closely resemble Outlook quarantine messages and provide links for..

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8 Cyber Security tips for Small Businesses

Learning how to keep your small business protected from cyber threats is critical in today's work environment. A cybersecurity incident can impact your company in numerous ways,..

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Choosing an IT Service Provider - A Guide to getting it right

Finding an IT Support provider for your small to mid-size business is a big decision. However, searching through an almost endless amount of options can often feel overwhelming..

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Fully Managed IT Support or Break-Fix? What is Best for Your Business?

Constantly dealing with IT problems is a frustrating experience that makes it difficult for businesses to remain productive. These technical problems can often occur at the worst..

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How to Maintain Security When Employees Work Remotely

Working remotely is a trend that continues to grow more popular with many businesses. Letting employees work remotely from the office provides numerous benefits, but it also..

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When to Outsource your IT Support?

Businesses know that technology is critical for day to day operations but also vital in enabling the business to meet its strategic goals. However, many businesses struggle to..

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How can your company benefit from managed IT services? a closer look

Managing your businesses IT infrastructure, cyber security and cloud services can be a real burden, however, the good news is, you can do something about it. Today, technology is..

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Outsourcing IT Support

For most small and medium-sized businesses, an in-house IT department is simply too expensive, inefficient, and surprisingly, can pose an unnecessary risk to the organisation...

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10 Reasons you need to switch IT Support Provider

Switching IT providers can be a daunting prospect, in fact, many businesses put up with poor service as they feel the move would be disruptive. In reality and from our experience..

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