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Learning Resources with Lantech: IT Security

Creating an incident response plan - a how to guide

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Information security policies: why they are important to your business

Outdated, incomplete, and absent information security policies continue to plague organisations of all sizes. This article provides an overview of information security policies..

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What is cyber hygiene and what does it mean for your business?

Did you know that most Cybersecurity incidents in the workplace occur due to human error. Identifying ways to avoid human error is key to preventing data breaches and limiting..

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5 Quick Tips to protect your business from ransomware

Ransomware attacks are a major issue facing businesses, as Europe experienced a 234% surge in attacks in 2021. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to ransomware schemes..

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2FA & MFA: What’s the difference and Why You Need Them

Two-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication are essentially the same in that there is a requirement to use more than one factor for authentication. The subtle..

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The risks of using public wi-fi and how to minimise them

The list of significant risks associated with using public a WiFi network is lengthy. Cybercriminals eavesdropping on unsecured networks steal sensitive data including account..

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