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Platinum IT Managed Services

Platinum IT Managed Support is the premium IT support service for your company. We become your fully outsourced IT department and your business benefits from our expert technical resources, to strategic planning all tailored for your specific needs

Our premium service includes 24/7 remote monitoring, our Remote Service Desk support, On-site engineering time and a full range of flexible options to suit the most demanding scenarios.


Your complete outsourced IT team

ICT is a critical and strategic component of every organisation and requires effective management to ensure it works for the company supporting and enabling the core operations. We provide qualified resources coupled with deep integration with the business IT systems ensuring we have a “bird’s eye” view of your infrastructure. Combine this with our ICT management team we offer a true standards based managed service that goes far beyond simple IT support. Lantech’s IT Managed Service is unmatched for price and service level and gives you a complete outsourced ICT team.


Custom Support options

  • Features provided in our 24/7 Monitoring, Remote Service Desk and On-site managed IT support packages are included as standard.
  • Platinum Support brings additional optional features, customised to your needs, such as:
    • Out-of-hours support (weekends, public holidays, and round the clock)
    • Bespoke response and resolution times
    • Onsite cover for absences of your own IT staff
    • A virtual IT Manager service for fully outsourced operations
    • Vendor management
    • Bespoke support processes to align with your requirements and processes (change management, support team, and so on)

Why Lantech:

Lantech provides comprehensive services from IT Consulting, Support, Deployment, Management and Resourcing, Partner with Lantech and benefit from the rewards that flow from our ability and experience. Get in-touch Today