Men who wish to know about the world must learn about it in its particular details.
— Heraclitus

Awareness empowers reliability, efficiency, planning and critically, reduces downtime.

Enabling Lantech to deploy and configure secure monitoring of your ICT infrastructure allows for data driven insights and decisions that drive:

  • High-level visibility of your eco-system
  • Effective Support
  • Capacity Planning
  • ICT Budget Planning

High-level visibility of your eco-system

Getting up above the treeline gives one a new perspective providing clarity and direction. Within IT this is achieved by having a single view of the entire IT eco-system performance, scale, reliability, compliance, security etc. 

Our IT Managed Services incorporates this comprehensive monitoring as a core element delivering real-time information to the NOC team who prioritise actions based on alerts received. Our service delivery team utilise the data to bring any concerns or health issues to our client's attention so they can be planned and mitigated before they impact on productivity. Our client liaison team use the data to provide investment planning and assist in roadmap development.

Effective Support:

IT eco-system monitoring is a fundamental layer of IT support whether you have an internal support team or Managed Services with Lantech.

Get in control of your ICT Infrastructure and deal with issues before they impact on the business, when an issues occurs you have immediate insight as to where the fault is and effective data to make informed decisions to get back up and running.

If your infrastructure is managed by us our NOC has a live feed of the health of the monitored infrastructure, when an event occurs our technical team takes immediate action to remedy or notify you the customer to allow the appropriate resolution to be applied.

Capacity Planning:

One of the more difficult topics in IT is infrastructure and resource planning, the business demands efficiency from IT, not just in availability and performance but budgetary also.

Having real-time statistical data on the capacity of a network for example empowers the IT management team to qualify and specify upgrades that will be relevant to the business not just in the short-term but relevant to the longer-term business plan.

Having an insight into when peek utilisation of the infrastructure occurs can allow the business take steps to support the key business function during this time for example a company that takes bookings via their website can add additional resources to assist with bookings and or enquiries to ensure customer satisfaction. The IT department can also plan for capacity at this time and use the data to specify the net upgrades and inform the finance department of costs for the following year's budget.

ICT Budget Planning:

It is essential that in today's environment value for money is not only a statement but something that can be backed up by real credible data.

Achieving a balance between resource capacity on servers, the network, backup, hypervisor technology etc, with cost is something that even the most experienced professional can struggle with. Having historical data tracked over time allows for data driven decisions to be made that can be proven and demonstrated to the business.

Why Lantech:

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