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Protect your business and client’s trust with cybersecurity protection tailored to your needs.

We understand you probably don’t have the in-house resources to manage your cyber security requirements. You do however need expertise to protect your business from cybercrime.
Lantech safeguards SME businesses with expert cybersecurity solutions, protecting against data breaches and downtime, and giving peace of mind to allow you focus on growth.

Fully Managed

Secure your business with Managed Cybersecurity. Our policy-driven approach and advanced tools offer real-time detection, protection, and reporting. Our expert guidance ensures compliance and comprehensive protection against cyber threats. With our experienced team, you can focus on growth and customer trust."

Human Defence

Educate your team: Human error or interaction causes 92% of security breaches. Our phishing simulation and continual cyber security awareness training raises awareness to keep your staff vigilant, making them the best defence against threats."


Strengthen and demonstrate your business's commitment to cybersecurity with Cyber Essentials, an independent certification that builds trust with your clients. Lantech fully manages the assessment and certification process, ensuring compliance with the appropriate standard and providing peace of mind.

What is Managed Cyber Security?

Our Managed cyber security service is a built-in part of our Managed IT Services as we fundamentally believe you cannot have support without security. However we offer the managed cyber security as a standalone service to help businesses remain secure and focus on growth while your security is managed by our team of experts.

What we do

  • Access to 24/7 365 Threat monitoring on all endpoints
  • Cyber security review and completion of the certification process for Cyber Essentials
  • Managed Microsoft Secure Score to maintain alignment to Microsoft standards and minimise risk to the business.
  • Business risk assessment to uncover risk with a budgeted plan to address areas of risk.
  • Threat hunting and next generation Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
  • Completion of cyber insurance forms together with guidance to help support your application or renewal

Assess > Plan > Deploy > Manage > Review

The Benefits:

Cost efficient:

Outsourcing cybersecurity is cost-effective as it provides access to specialised expertise and tools, reduces the need for in-house hiring and training, and helps prevent costly cyber attacks.

Why is it suited to SME’s?

Outsourcing cybersecurity is perfect for SMEs because it provides access to enterprise-grade security measures without the need for large upfront investments or ongoing expenses, enabling SMEs to focus on their core business activities."

Why It will reduce pressure on your staff?

Outsourced managed IT security services reduce stress on internal staff by providing a dedicated team of professionals to manage and respond to security threats, freeing up internal staff to focus on other important IT tasks and reducing the risk of burnout and turnover.

Access to a broader skillset

Outsourced managed cyber security services provide SMEs with access to a larger pool of talent, expertise, and resources, resulting in more effective security solutions and better protection against cyber threats."

Increased flexibility:

Outsourced managed cyber security services offer SMEs increased flexibility in protecting their business from cyber threats, allowing for scalable and customisable solutions that can adapt to changing security needs, while providing cost-effective options that align with business goals and budget."

Peace of mind:

Outsourced managed cyber security services provide peace of mind to SMEs by offering expert protection for their critical IT and data assets, while allowing them to focus on core operations and growth.