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Operations of all sizes can face IT challenges

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Small Businesses

  • Resources can mean IT maintenance is inadequate
  • IT distracts from core activities
  • IT costs can be unbudgeted and unpredictable
  • Cybersecurity concerns but limited knowledge of how to minimise risk
  • Insurance standards are harder to attain
  • New technologies are seen as too costly and disruptive to adopt, the business fails to benefit
  • Data backups aren’t fit for purpose
  • May work with a small IT firm, but are ineffectively supported and protected
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Medium sized businesses

  • IT has become too big for one person to manage
  • Lack of systems integration is reducing the business’s efficiency
  • Limited IT strategy
  • Compliance and quality standards are now technology dependent
  • Any IT downtime has a major impact on productivity
  • Resources limit defences but cybersecurity is a prime concern
  • No longer getting the support required from their original IT provider
  • Limited capacity for staff training
  • IT policies and standards are outdated and inappropriate for the maturing business
  • IT is critical, but there’s no Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Unsure how to make the move to the cloud
  • Lack of proper IT budgeting for the short and medium term
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  • Knowledge continuity is dependent upon staff retention
  • Compliance requirements and cyber insurance can be complex
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery are crucial across all systems and technology
  • Data sprawl and integration proving increasingly challenging
  • Technology is no longer aligned with the business objectives
  • Lack of innovation
  • Cybersecurity poses an increased risk to the business and its reputation
  • Lack of strategic IT planning
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