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You should choose an MSP with Microsoft’s “Solution Provider” accreditation. Here’s why.

Lantech Aug 11, 2023 4:19:25 PM

Focus: Modern work

The world of work has changed. The mass move to remote working triggered by the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t reversed. More and more people, businesses and other organisations are choosing a hybrid working model. They are discovering enhanced productivity, more enjoyment and new ways to collaborate – even across huge distances. It’s been called the modern way of working and has led to the creation by Microsoft of a new accreditation – the Modern Work Solution Provider – which reflects the change, the challenges and the opportunities it presents.

But some MSP’s haven’t embraced that change or pursued the accreditation. As a consequence, they can’t adequately support their clients in this new diverse but powerful working environment. Their clients are unable to capitalise on potential productivity gains and often experience frustration when systems that should link seamlessly don’t, or when their data is exposed in a security breach. Often the benefits that cloud-based systems can deliver, don’t materialise. Applications don’t connect, cybersecurity is poor, there’s little thought given to the spiralling costs of multiple software licences.

At Lantech, we’re proud to have been granted this new Microsoft accreditation. It’s part of Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Program and supports our proactive approach to the promotion of safe and secure hybrid working practices. For a client wishing to transform their operation with cloud-based digital solutions, the award demonstrates our team’s expertise and commitment.

I’m Peter Strahan, Lantech’s CEO, and frankly, I believe the lax approach of some MSPs is irresponsible. Clients rely on the advice, support and ‘expertise’ of their IT provider, but if it’s not up to scratch, in this new world of work, the client won’t thrive. As technology advances the relevance of certain accreditations is diminishing – Microsoft’s Silver and Gold accreditations have now been retired – and I believe that accreditations must always reflect the evolving nature of how we work.

An accredited partner will help users get the best from technologies like Microsoft 365, but the new accreditation isn’t easy to achieve. Standards are high and the work is demanding, but it’s worthwhile. To deliver the best possible service, we have to have the best possible knowledge and understanding.

We’re well on the way to a second new accreditation. In the next few weeks, we expect to become an accredited Azure Infrastructure Solution Provider. Too many organisations use unverified providers for Azure work, but I urge them to think carefully about their choices. We hear about fast-changing technology all the time, and it has become something of a cliché, but it is true. These developer accreditations really are the simplest way of deciding whether your provider has the skills and knowhow needed to enhance your performance and keep you safe.

The key takeaway: if success matters to you, look closely at your provider’s accreditations.