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Fifteen. It’s just a number.

Lantech Apr 26, 2023 11:47:31 AM
Team lantech on the pitch at Leinster rugby club

It’s the number of years Lantech has partnered with Leinster Rugby.
The number of shirts we’ve seen in those years.
The number of hearts pumping passion on the pitch in every incredible game.

But fifteen.
It’s just a number.
Fifteen heroes, playing with one purpose, delivering moments of calm, moments of clarity, and moments of sheer magic.

This is mastery.
It’s our goal. It’s Leinster’s goal.
There are no shortcuts. From the ground up, it’s nurtured, honed and worked for.
And when the big moment comes, you’re ready to give everything for the team.

Fifteen years.
Fifteen shirts.
Fifteen players on the pitch.
An army of players, support staff, volunteers and fans …

One shining example of living, working and playing with heart.