The Project: Active Directory Upgrade

Lantech was tasked with designing and managing a move from Active Directory 2000 to 2008 in an environment with 400+ users and two dozen bespoke applications for a state agency

What we did:

Lantech consulted and led an internal team to design and deploy the Active Directory upgrade from 2000 to 2008 and design and implement a new GPO structure that is relevant to the organisation which streamlined the deployment of infrastructure and application settings across the organisation.

The initial step was to completely review the existing AD structure and health and our software application partner to complete a deep review of the bespoke applications to establish the relationship between the applications and AD.

Following our review and our software partner's review we embarked on creating a project plan which was then presented to the client for discussion and we invited the internal IT team to collaborate on the design and roll-out of the project. Following agreement we embarked on an initial clean up, restructure and upgrade of the environment. Once upgraded, new features only available in the later functional levels we're deployed together with the clients "wish list".

Following completion of the project Lantech provides on-going support for the AD and is available to client for assistance when required.


Technologies / Resources Utilised:

Microsoft Server 2008 / Microsoft Certified Engineers
VMware / VMware Certified Professional


Why Lantech:

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